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Steph, Dave & John make the take a bet for a different generation! They’ve flipped the script on SHE’S ALL THAT and updated it for TikTok generation – It’s HE’S ALL THAT!
Social influencer and highschooler, Padgett Sawyer (Addison Rae) is the makeover queen of her class. Cameron Kweller (Tanner Buchanan) is the class loner who’s only social circle is his best friend Nisha and his socially-obsessed little sister Brin. When Padgett discovers her pop-star bf, Jordan has been sneaking around with a back-up dancer, she has a snot-nose-bubbling breakdown all streamed live to their millions of fans. As her social stock goes down and she loses her sponsorships, Padgett becomes determined to win back her cred by turning the biggest loser in the school into the hottest commodity…and turns out, HE’S ALL THAT!
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