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Steph, John & Dave can’t get enough of 1985 horror comedy – THE STUFF!
When a mysterious yet tasty treat oozes up out of the ground, it’s packaged and marketed as the next big treat only called THE STUFF. As it becomes ragingly popular, a rival company hires David “Mo” Rutherford (Michael Moriarty) former CIA and current corporate espionage gun for hire, to find out the secret recipe. As he begins his journey, he runs into Chocolate Chip Charlie (Garret Morris) who is also searching for the answers to the questions that only THE STUFF can answer. Together they discover that the STUFF is actually possessing people and taking them over as if they were pod people of Baskin Robins. So of course, they decide to each go their own way to continue their investigations. David meets Nicole the creative behind the Stuff’s brilliant marketing and Jason, the kid who’s family ate themselves to death trying to force Jason to have a bite. This trio find the quote factory unquote where the STUFF is collected. Having black mail material on Colonel Spears (Paul Sorvino), David convinces the Colonel to use his, what appears to be his own personal army to take the war directly to the, well, at least all organic, food - because enough is never enough when it comes to THE STUFF.
It’s Pride month, so we’re supporting the Marsha P. Johnson institute a charity created to elevate, support and nourish the voices of black trans people. You can find more information at Marshap.Org
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