Weekly Review with Clay and Buck H1 - May 21 2022


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A weekend of horrific shootings all across the country, Democrats politicize them, blame Republicans. The way to solve violent crime is to arrest criminals. Buck says, "They just want to sling slander at the other side. They're unserious about dealing with violence." The View's (which Clay reiterates he believes to be "the dumbest show in all of American media") Ana Navarro explodes on Fox News and the GOP and blames them for Buffalo shooting. Fauci, who Buck calls a "slimy little PR flack," laughs at WH Twitter lie about vaccines. Bezos echoes C&B on Manchin, blames Biden on inflation. Clay points out, "Sixteen percent of this country believes this country is going in the right direction -- because Biden is the most incompetent president of our times." Clay says we have a great Seattle affiliate and, speaking directly to Bezos, he hopes he is listening. Buck says, though C&B might not agree with Bezos on everything, "he is a smart guy."

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