Climate Citizen: Preserving Biodiversity And Restoring Nature


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This is Part Four of our four-part series, Climate Citizen, in collaboration with Global Citizen. This week, we look at the critical need to preserve biodiversity, protect natural ecosystems, and leverage nature-based solutions for decarbonization. To discuss this topic, we have three amazing guests. First, Dr. Stephanie Roe, the World Wildlife Fund’s Global Climate & Energy Lead Scientist and Lead Author of the third installment of the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report, joins the show to discuss the report and the current state of global biodiversity concerns. Then, Max Almeida, a program project manager at the Center For Environmental Peacebuilding, where he is responsible for the partnerships and projects going on in Brazil, joins the show to discuss the impacts of deforestation and desertification, and ongoing issues with biodiversity loss and land degradation in Brazil. Finally, Dr. Will Turner, Senior Scientist and Senior Vice President For Natural Climate Solutions at Conservation International, joins the show to discuss big solutions that we can tackle with nature-based strategies and what can be accomplished in the near-term and for decades to come.

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