CTW 139: George Arau - Understanding Debt and Weathering the Crisis


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George is the Vice President of Loan Originations at Basis Investment Group where he has assisted borrowers in debt and equity placement for commercial multifamily transactions.

Topics Covered

  • Understanding the CMBS market
  • Understanding the debt fund
  • Understanding Libor
  • Assessing business plans for tertiary markets
  • COVID-19’s impact on debt funds
  • Requesting forbearance
  • Communicating with your lenders

Nuggets of Wealth

  1. What is a tool, source, or platform you use every day that can also help others? YouTube
  2. What is the top advice you would give to potential borrowers in today’s market? Stay on top of market research, be realistic, take it in short-term intervals
  3. What are some of the mistakes you’ve seen borrowers make? Difference between lender’s underwriting v. a borrower’s underwriting
  4. Where can Commit to Wealth Nation go to contact you and find out more about you and Basis Investment Group? basisinv.com

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