284: Controlled Demolition of the American Empire | Charlie Robinson


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In Episode 284: Controlled Demolition of the American Empire, we bring back Charlie Robinson from Episode 189: Epstein Didn't Kill Himself and Episode 250: Epstein, Maxwell, and Gates! Charlie is the author of the book "The Octopus of Global Control," and joins us now to discuss topics from his brand new book, "Controlled Demolition of the American Empire." "Controlled Demolition" has reached the top 55 on Amazon's best-selling books list, and is jam-packed with key information that helps us better understand why the world is the way it is. All the suspicions you may feel inside but may not quite know how to express, Charlie's book offers the words to explain. On Episode 284, Charlie and I cover the CDC; Event 201; safe spaces; Agenda 2030; the education system; a crumbling infrastructure; globalization; China; killing critical thinking; division of the public; false flags; NWO; cryptocurrency; and more!
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