301: When Orb Witnesses Die


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In Episode 301: When Orb Witnesses Die, Michael joins The Confessionals to discuss some pretty bizarre experiences. It seems UFOs have been a significant part of his life, having seen them both as a child and as an adult. But the oddest one of them all came when he, his wife, and their friends witnessed a large orb that left them stunned. Following the sighting, three of the people who witnessed the orb ended up dying untimely deaths! Since then, Michael and his wife have been wondering if they may be next.
Also this week, we are launching a brand new section on the membership website called "Overtime!" While I was having my conversation with Michael, it became clear that our conversation was nowhere near finished after the first hour of the show. We continued for another hour, creating the very first “Overtime!” segment. In this new special feature, we polish off the conversation about Michael’s UFO experiences, and then dive into a strange occurrence on his property: After his dog had puppies, Michael would come home to find some of them missing. Every time, he would go looking for them in the woods only to find them, in different locations, lying next to a pile of sawdust and mushrooms. He and I venture into what was happening and shed some light on the situation!
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