365: The Haunted Hallway


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In Episode 365: The Haunted Hallway, we are joined by multiple guests! Joining us first is Tony’s dad Brian, who discusses with Tony what happened this past weekend when Tony and his brother Jack visited an old World War II POW camp, where Nazis and Japanese soldiers were once interrogated. Things went a little awry for the brothers, and the video of the trip will be released as part of Tony’s ‘Legion of Legends’ series on YouTube in the coming weeks! Following this discussion, guest Chris shares stories of a house where he grew up that was actively haunted by someone who was previously part of his father’s family. Finally, Cora also joins us to discuss her childhood home and a spirit named “Mr. Burns” who used to torment her until her father screamed at him, and her parents eventually sought some outside help to get rid of him.
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