#196: The Hidden Value Your Suppliers Can Offer with Ken Kucera


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In this episode you'll hear my conversation with Ken Kucera, Vice President of Installed Sales and Manufacturing at 84 Lumber.

What you'll learn from this construction podcast episode:

- How you, the contractor, can get better value from your supplier. Info to share, questions to ask.

- How will the lumber supply business look different to builders in the next 5 years?

- Tips for nailing the handoff from design to manufacturing to supplier to the field. His team does a couple of innovative things.

- Behind the scenes effects of COVID on a manufacturer and supplier like 84 Lumber.

- Servant leadership

- Why is 84 Lumber investing so much in manufacturing facilities?

- What are some misconceptions builders have about 84 Lumber's manufacturing capability?

- What capabilities 84 has that builders are missing out on?

-How does 84 Lumber want to partner with builders?

Resources mentioned in this construction podcast episode:

Billd - They'll pay your supplier up front and give you 120 day terms. Learn more and estimate your cash flow needs at http://www.billd.com/CLE

3 Questions to Help You Get Paid for Estimates - https://buildermasterclass.com/script

Mastermind Group for CoConstruct Users- https://buildermasterclass.com/cogroup

How to connect with Ken Kucera, Vice President of Installed Sales and Manufacturing at 84 Lumber:

Ken's LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/kenneth-kucera-37981331/

84 Lumber website - https://www.84lumber.com

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