#204: Modular Construction: The Problems it Solves and Opportunities It Creates with Ken Semler


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What you'll get out of this construction podcast episode:

- How can going modular help builders deal with the current lumber price situation?

- "All modular homes are prefab homes but not all prefab homes are modular homes." What does that mean?

- What's in it for the homeowner in the way of indoor air quality?

- What is the business opportunity in the modular business?

- A few misconceptions and myths about modular?

- How are permitting and inspections handled on modular homes?

- If a builder wants to build either a spec or custom modular home, how would they get started?

- What is going on at the macro-level in the industry?

- Escalation clauses and contingency fee in financing to mitigate the risk of skyrocketing lumber prices.

- The confusing "M" words.

- Is modular is a type of home or a construction method?

- Modular math allows for speed.

Resources mentioned in this construction podcast episode:

Fieldchat: Messaging built for construction teams - https://get.fieldchat.com/edge

GoSite: Take Control of Customer Reviews - https://www.gosite.com/podcast

Be Your Own CFO Masterclass: Master the financial side of the business - https://buildermasterclass.com/cfo

3 Questions to Help You Get Paid for Estimates: https://buildermasterclass.com/script

Impresa Modular: https://impresamodular.com/

Connect with Ken Semler on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kensemler/

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