#224: Mental Toughness, Turning Customers into Disciples & Why a Tight Radius is Good with Bobby Williams


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Bobby Williams was a teacher and football coach with a side-hustle construction business. How did he grow the business, how is he turning customers into disciples and what is the change he made recently that revolutionized the business?

Here's what you're going to get out of this construction podcast episode:

- How football coaching strategies apply to running a construction business.

- How and why Bobby turned his side hustle construction business into a full time job.

- Developing mental toughness.

- Benefits of having a clearly defined and tight radius.

- How to turn clients into disciples.

- How a TV show cost him $22,000.

- One thing BGW Construction has cracked the code on that has revolutionized their business.

Resources mentioned in this construction podcast episode:

The Builder Mastermind Group - https://buildermastermindgroup.com

How to Get Paid for Estimates - Watch this free training video before you do another free estimate - https://buildermasterclass.com/script

How to connect with Bobby Williams and BGW Construction:

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/bgwconstruction

Website - www.bgwconstructionllc.com

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