#231: Stealing the Secret Sushi Sauce to Grow a Construction Company with Neil Sundresh


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Neil Sundresh has grown Glacier West Construction dramatically in recent years. How has his approach to quality control, delegation and the "fat steaks and bourbon" strategy helped him do it? Listen to my conversation with Neil to learn that...and a lot more.

What you'll learn about in this construction podcast episode with Neil Sundresh, owner of Glacier West Construction:

  • The “Fat Steaks and Bourbon strategy” and how Neil uses it to rob his clients.
  • Stealing the magic sushi sauce
  • How do you really scratch a client’s itch?
  • Working with customers who can’t have mistakes.
  • Why Neil says every builder should be a designer.
  • A top down approach to quality control, and how it ties into sales.
  • Importance of staying the heck out of the way.
  • Delegation is not the same as autonomy.
  • How to be insulated from problems.
  • Sometimes you’re not in charge of your growth

How to connect with Neil Sundresh:

Company website: https://www.glacierwest.ca/

Resources mentioned in this construction podcast:

The Builder Mastermind Group - Avoid costly mistakes by sharing ideas with a group of like minded construction business owners. https://buildermastermindgroup.com

Schedule a Strategy Call with Todd Dawalt - https://constructionleadingedge.as.me/freesession

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