#233: The Biggest Levers You Can Pull & Simple Solutions to Painful Problems


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Figuring out the 20% of activities that will yield 80% of results is good. Figuring out the 5% that will give you 95% is even better, which is what these 5 Big Levers will do for you.

What you'll learn about in this construction podcast episode:

  • The 5 Biggest Levers you can pull to get 95/5 results in your business.
  • Painful problems don't necessarily require painful solutions.
  • Why you need to elevate and detach from your business.
  • The two biggest human motivators, and how to leverage them.
  • The first law of combat according to Jocko Willink and Leif Babin.
  • How to design your company for the future.
  • The "Nail the Handoff" process, and how to do it with your team.
  • The #1 sales process lever to pull for homebuilders, remodelers and small commercial GCs.
  • The difference between two personal trainers, and the lesson I learned.
  • How to improve the chances of achieving your goals to 95%.

Resources mentioned in this construction podcast episode:

Builder Mastermind Group - https://buildermastermindgroup.com

Move the Needle 90 Day Accountability Challenge - https://buildermastermindgroup.com/move

CompanyCam - The photo app every contractor needs - https://companycam.com/cle

Curri - Sign up to get $40 of free credit. Use Curri to deliver your materials. https://www.constructionleadingedge.com/curri

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