Critical Evaluation of Ideas and Practices in Behavior Analysis and the Registered Behavior Technician (RBT®) | TCE #018


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  • 0:01:13Topic Introduction: Critical evaluation of ideas and practices in Behavior Analysis and the RBT 0:06:50Check out these resources for more information on Logical Fallacies
  • 0:07:01 Check out this link for more information on William James and Pragmatism
  • 0:11:35 As of January 2020 there are 70, 361 RBTs - Check out the BACB's Statistics
  • 0:13:21 Topic Shift: What is an RBT? Who are they?
  • 0:13:45 Approved Instructor = 'Non-certified RBT® Supervisor' or 'Non-certified VCS Instructor' as outlined in the BACB's Supervisor Training Curriculum Outline (2.0)
  • 0:17:35 Check out this link for more information on the RBT requirements
  • 0:20:10 Topic Shift: The RBT training requirements and recent changes
  • 0:21:53 Applied Behavior Analysis by Cooper, Heron, and Heward (i.e., The White Book)
  • 0:22:13 Check out the December 2018 BACB newsletter on the recent RBT changes
  • 0:27:15 Check out the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA)
  • 0:27:57 Toward the Certification of Behavior Therapists by W. Stewart Agras (1973)
  • 0:28:00 Topic Change: Should we be certifying people or procedures? What are the barriers and resources involved?
  • 0:31:35 Issues In Evaluating Behavior Modification: Proceedings of the First Drake Conference on Professional Issues in Behavior Analysis, March 1974 by W. Scott Wood (1975)
  • 0:46:28 For more information on Todd Risley's contributions to behavior analysis check out Todd R. Risley (1937-2007) by Lutzker (2008)
  • 0:49:35 Topic Change: What are some of the concerns with the RBT certification process?
  • 0:50:08 RBT® Initial Competency Assessment: Responsible Assessor Checklist by the BACB
  • 0:51:17 For the BACB caseload recommendations refer to the Applied Behavior Analysis Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder: Practice Guidelines for Healthcare Funders and Managers
  • 0:54:11 For a summary of Goldiamond's work on 'degrees of freedom' check out Expanding the behavior-analytic meanings of "freedom": The contributions of Israel Goldiamond by de Fernandes and Dittrich (2018)
  • 0:54:51 Check out the BACB's YouTube channel
  • 1:00:57 Topic Shift: The times are changing, and we're behind!
  • 1:03:00 Check out the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI)
  • 1:03:52 Check out the BACB's Podcast: Inside the BACB
  • 1:05:09 Check out all the affiliated ABAI Chapters
  • 1:06:36 Check out Matt Norman
  • 1:07:15 Topic Change: The systems in the field and the associated barriers
  • 1:14:35 Topic Change: What are this episode's takeaways?
  • 1:17:41 Check out the Teachers College at Columbia University
  • 1:17:44 Check out Doug Greer from the Teachers College
  • 1:18:15 Check out the American Psychological Association (APA)
  • 1:19:53 For more information on Gerald Shook check out Gerald L. “Jerry” Shook: Visionary for the Profession of Behavior Analysis by Iwata, Sundberg, and Carr (2011)
  • 1:20:32 Call to action for organizations: Share as much relevant information as possible
  • 1:20:58 Call to action for practitioners: Place a bigger focus on effective in-house training
  • 1:22:13 Call to action for practitioners: Hold people to high standards
  • 1:24:28 Call to action for business owners: Adjust your business model to reflect quality over quantity
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