Subject Matter Experts in Behavior Analysis | TCE #009


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In this episode, RYANO and Dimitri ask some questions about the process for identifying Subject Matter Experts in Behavior Analysis. Links for Today 0:02:14 Topic: Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) 0:17:14 Check Out: The BACB's process on SME 2:17:14 Topic Change: The Gap between Academics and Practitioners 5:02:14 Topic Change: Subspecializations and the Certification Process 5:52:14 Check Out: The BACB's videos on Subspecialty Areas in Behavior Analysis 14:47:14 Topic Change: Gaining Subject Matter Expertise and being Deemed an SME 22:17:14 Call to Action: Learn, Discuss, and Share the info you have on SME! *Amazon links are affiliate links. No other links are affiliates unless disclosed in parentheses next to the link. --- Send in a voice message:

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