Science is Supposed to be Progressive (Dogma in ABA) | TCE #013


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0:01:44 Introduce Merrill Winston - Check out TCE's previous episode with Merrill

0:01:47 Introduce Jim Moore - Check out The Daily BA's video The Field Didn't Change... The Profession Didn't Change... I Changed w/ Jim Moore

0:01:50 Topic: Pliance, Tracking, Rule-Governed Behavior and how this relates to Authority and Power

0:02:05 For additional reading on Pliance and Tracking check out Hayes & Wilson (1993) Some applied implications of a contemporary behavior-analytic account of verbal events

0:02:05 For additional reading on Pliance and Tracking check out Rule-governed behavior: Cognition, contingencies, and instructional control by Steven Hayes

0:02:05 For additional reading on Pliance and Tracking check out Kissi et al. (2017) A systematic review of pliance, tracking, and augmenting

0:03:15 Check out Jordan Belisle's research contributions and publications

0:08:30 Topic Change: How Pliance has affected the divide between academia and practitioners

0:09:40 Check out David Barlow's research contributions and publications

0:12:35 Check out the BACB's stats on the number of practitioners obtaining certification since 1999

0:17:55 Topic Change: Merrill and Jim talk about sources of bias based on individual preferences and rules

0:19:55 Check out Starting Strength's website for further information on Mark Rippetoe

0:26:25 Check out Finding the philosophical core: A review of Stephen C. Pepper's World Hypotheses: A Study in Evidence by Steve Hayes, Linda Hayes, and Hayne Reese (1988)

0:28:00 Check out Brian Iwata's research contributions and publications

0:28:05 Check out Mark Durand's research contributions and publications

0:34:30 Check out The Daily BA's video I Didn't Know Her Circumstances with Pat Friman

0:37:10 Check out the Firing Line with William F. Buckley Jr.: The Case Against Freedom with B. F. Skinner

0:38:25 Check out Skinner's Verbal Behavior (1957)

0:40:08 Check out Skinner's About Behaviorism (1976)

0:41:35 Check out a list of Skinner's contributions and publications

0:41:40 Check out Steven Hayes' contributions and publications

0:43:38 Check out Timothy Vollmer's contributions and publications

0:44:35 Check out Reinforcement magnitude and the inhibiting effect of reinforcement by Jack Michael (1979)

0:44:50 Check out William Baum's contributions and publications

0:51:08 For additional reading on Green's Adjusting-Amount and Adjusting-Delay Procedures check out Do adjusting-amount and adjusting-delay procedures produce equivalent estimates of subjective value in pigeons? by Green et al. (2007)

1:05:10 Check out Rob Wolff's website for further information

1:06:13 For additional information on the future of behavioral science and evolutionary science check out the video Evolution and Contextual Behavioral Science Dialogue Between the Editors

1:06:40 For an example of Skinner's early work reflecting on biogenetics check out The phylogeny and ontogeny of behavior

1:08:10 Topic Change: The importance of collaborating within behavior analysis and with other sciences in order to move forward

1:10:05 Check out Mark Dixon's contributions and publications

1:10:20 Check out The Daily BA's video Threats to Behavior Analysis w/ Hank Schlinger

1:13:25 Check out Skinner's Beyond Freedom and Dignity

1:18:15 For more information on PEAK check out their website:

1:22:05 Check out the winners of the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1949

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