Is EAB Still Breathing? w/ Anita Li and Matthew Bell | TCE #014


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  • 0:01:30 Hosts and Guests (Matt and Anita!) Introductions and Backgrounds in EAB!
  • 0:02:25 Check out Matt's lab at SCU
  • 0:03:10 Check out Michael Dougher's contributions and publications
  • 0:03:57 Check out Al Poling's contributions and publications
  • 0:04:00 Check out the journal Behavior Analysis: Research and Practice
  • 0:04:30 Topic Change: What is EAB?
  • 0:04:45 Question for listeners: Have you ever worked with animals?
  • 0:07:00 For an example of Tony Nevin's publications on behavioral momentum check out The Analysis of Behavioral Momentum (1983)
  • 0:07:00 For an example of Tony Nevin's publications on behavioral momentum check out The Momentum of Compliance (1996)
  • 0:08:10 Topic Change: Where is EAB's current and future focus?
  • 0:09:20 Check out the Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior
  • 0:10:20 Check out Peter Killeen's contributions and publications
  • 0:11:47 Check out Timberlake and Allison's (1974) Response Deprivation: An Empirical Approach to Instrumental Performance
  • 0:14:30 Topic Shift: How does EAB benefit practitioners?
  • 0:20:45 Topic Shift: The methodology of EAB, ABA, and Contextualism
  • 0:21:20 **Dimitri's friend and scorpion work**
  • 0:25:55 Topic Change: The current status of funding in EAB
  • 0:27:05 Check out Matthew Bell's (2018) Winter is Coming to the Experimental Analysis of Behavior
  • 0:28:45 Check out B. F. Skinner's contributions and publications
  • 0:28:45 Check out Skinner's (1959) Cumulative Record
  • 0:30:35 Check out the Society for the Quantitative Analyses of Behavior (SQAB)
  • 0:30:40 Check out the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI)
  • 0:30:55 Topic Shift: EAB, Neuroscience, and Interdisciplinary Research
  • 0:31:30 Check out Behave: The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst by Robert Sapolsky
  • 0:35:35 Check out Skinner's (1961) The Flight From the Laboratory
  • 0:37:42 For more information on adjunctive behavior check out Killeen and Pellón's (2013) Adjunctive Behaviors are Operants
  • 0:37:42 For more information on adjunctive behavior check out Foster's (1978) Adjunctive Behavior: An Under-Reported Phenomenon in Applied Behavior Analysis?
  • 0:37:50 Check out Brian Iwata's contributions and publications
  • 0:38:20 Check out the National Institute of Health (NIH)
  • 0:38:20 Check out the National Science Foundation (NSF)
  • 0:39:45 Check out Jarmolowicz's (2018) EAB is Fine, Thanks for Asking
  • 0:40:00 Check out Adam Fox's (2018) The Future is Upon Us
  • 0:41:30 Topic Change: What is the role of Universities and other Organizations?
  • 0:44:10 Check out BACB Certificant Data and Growth
  • 0:45:30 Check out Division 25 (Behavior Analysis) of APA
  • 0:46:10 Topic Shift: Is the identity of a Behavior Analyst changing?
  • 0:49:25 Question for listeners: What are the metrics/measures of a successful field? Tell us in the comments!
  • 0:49:50 Check out Ogden Lindsley's contributions and publications
  • 0:55:45 Call to listeners: Don't be afraid to submit a paper, poster, talk to a conference/journal!
  • 0:56:33 Check out Jonathan Tarbox's contributions and publications
  • 0:56:35 Check out the journal Behavior Analysis in Practice
  • 0:57:15 Topic Change: Is it too effortful for the practitioner to conduct research?
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