Sexual Behavior and Applied Behavior Analysis | TCE #027


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In this episode, RyanO (he/him/his), Danielle (she/her/hers) and Dimitri (he/him/his) invite Worner Leland, BCBA (they/them/theirs) and Barbara Gross, MA, BCBA, LBA, CSE (she/her/hers) to discuss sexual behavior and Applied Behavior Analysis. Full show notes and original video can be found at

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: In an attempt to be reflective, responsive, and responsible, we chose to remove two episodes: 1) "Reflections from ABAI and The Lack of Operational Definitions | TCE #008" and "Listener Mail: Tired of the Bullshit & a Follow-up to Privilege and Culture" from our platform. The controversial exchange has always been about having tough, transparent, and controversial discussions about sensitive topics, with the goal of presenting multiple perspectives. Sometimes we present our own personal opinions, sometimes we play Devil’s advocate, and sometimes we present perspectives that are common, yet unpopular and silent in the public domains of the community. After listening and learning over the past year from advocates, experts, and countless other resources and information, as featured in episode #21 on Cultural Awareness, we recognized that those episodes are not a valuable contribution to the conversations today and in fact may result in unintended pain. Our goals and hopes are to engage and push the conversation forward rather than backward and therefore be part of the solution. Therefore for clarity, we affirm that black lives matter, social, racial, economic injustice are the challenges and issues of our time and change only comes from joining in solidarity with those who are most harshly impacted while recognizing what role each of us plays. We are open to and have extended the option to have these conversations with potential guests and hope to feature them in future episodes.

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