Understanding Behavior Analysis Research | TCE #017


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  1. 0:00:45 Topic Introductions: Translational research, the role of research, and is there an article for everything?
  2. 0:03:31 Check out Dixon et al. (2016) Stimulus Preference and Reinforcement Effects of the Madagascar Hissing Cockroach (Gromphordahina Portentosa): A Case of Reverse Translational Research
  3. 0:03:34 Check out Jarmolowicz, D. P., Lemley, S. M., Mateos, A., & Sofis, M. J. (2016). A multiple‐stimulus‐without‐replacement assessment for sexual partners: Purchase task validation. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 49, 723-729.
  4. 0:04:40 Check out Carl Binder and his contributions
  5. 0:06:08 Check out the video of Skinner's APA Convention keynote address in 1990
  6. 0:07:09 Topic Change: What is research? What kind of research is out there?
  7. 0:09:55 Check out Linda Hayes and her contributions
  8. 0:09:57 Check out the Parrott Hayes Lab at the University Nevada Reno
  9. 0:15:50 Topic Change: Ryan and Dimitri discuss when and how they search the literature
  10. 0:19:08 Check out the podcast Why We Do What We Do
  11. 0:21:20 APA Handbook of Behavior Analysis edited by Gregory Madden
  12. 0:24:58 Check out T. V. Joe Layng and his contributions
  13. 0:28:49 Shout out to Mark Malady!
  14. 0:29:35 World Hypotheses: A Study in Evidence by Stephen Pepper
  15. 0:30:40 Learning and Complex Behavior by John Donahoe and David Palmer
  16. 0:34:45 Topic Change: Dimitri and Ryan share their tips on critically evaluating and consuming the research
  17. 0:39:53 Retzlaff et al. (2020) A translational evaluation of potential iatrogenic effects of single and combined contingencies during functional Analysis
  18. 0:41:17 Check out Greg Hanley and his contributions
  19. 0:43:38 Hayes, Hayes, & Reese (1988) Finding the philosophical core: A review of Stephen C. Pepper's World Hypotheses: A Study in Evidence
  20. 0:46:40 Check out Steven Hayes and his contributions
  21. 0:46:42 Check out Mark Dixon and his contributions
  22. 0:46:43 Check out Mark Sundberg and his contributions
  23. 0:46:45 Check out Pat McGreevy's bio
  24. 0:53:45 Check out Rick Kubina and his contributions
  25. 0:54:34 The Visual Display of Quantitative Information by Edward Tufte
  26. 1:01:28 Check out Sham and Smith (2014) Publication bias in studies of an applied behavior‐analytic intervention: An initial analysis
  27. 1:08:24 Topic Change: So is there an article for that? Is there in other fields?
  28. 1:08:45 Food Dudes (Repeated Tasting Research Reference)
  29. 1:13:10 Check out these Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Bootcamps
  30. 1:13:51 Check out the WWDWWD podcast episode on Berserkers
  31. 1:13:54 Check out the WWDWWD podcast episode on Zombie Ants
  32. 1:14:19 Tom Buqo
  33. 1:15:50 From AI to Zeitgeist: A Philosophical Guide for the Skeptical Psychologist by N. H. Pronko
  34. 1:20:35 Check out the What Works Clearinghouse
  35. 1:22:50 What Is Evidence-Based Behavior Analysis? by Tristram Smith
  36. 1:23:26 medical article with tiers/criteria?
  37. 1:25:58 Check out Edward Morris and his contributions
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