Episode 108 - Exciting News & Lisa Bevere on Having a Mentor


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Exciting News: Starting this week, The Conversation will now also be airing across the Midwest and beyond on Faith Radio weekly! Thousands of new listeners will hear full episodes on air. In addition, starting today, the podcast has a new sound, look, & feel. And each episode will be condensed down to 28 minutes long. Bringing you the best of each conversation. Quality over quantity. (Note: I have some amazing guests coming up!)
In episode 108, Adam sits down with pastor, author, and his friend Lisa Bevere. The two talk about Lisa’s newest book, why we all need mentors, comparison & competition, and how to discover what you’re supposed to do when it’s never been done before. Lisa is filled with wisdom. Don’t miss this episode!
Get Lisa’s latest book, Godmothers, here: amzn.to/3szZJ9b

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