TCC Podcast #207 The Systems You Need with Jordan Gill


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Getting things done—or getting MORE done—is a struggle for many copywriters including us. But systems and processes can help. Our guest for the 207th episode of The Copywriter Club podcast is systems expert, Jordan Gill. Jordan shared a ton of ideas for improving systems to help get things done and stop spending every minute on your business. It’s a message we definitely needed to hear—and maybe one you can relate to as well? Here’s what we talked about with Jordan… • how she came to “love” systems even though she despised them • the “launch-mageddon” that forced her to change her business for the better • how systems give you more control and free you from anxiety • whether people are born loving systems or whether they develop the skill over time • how to use batching to get more done faster • the role of discipline and creating structures that support your effort • the “impossible” process of letting go and how to actually do it • knowing your strengths and going all in on them • how a team can help support your systems (and the systems you need before you hire) • how she spends her time during a typical day and what her processes look like • how her team spends their time to support Jordan each week • the 4 Quadrants tool for determining what you should systemize or delegate • our (Kira and Rob’s) own trust issues and how they impact getting stuff done • how Jordan structures her VIP days—how she makes them work • the importance of the right name for your VIP days—and other mistakes we make • what Jordan does to balance work with real life • the subscription boxes Kira—and maybe Rob—will be checking out If you struggle at all with systems and processes or getting things done, you’ll want to get this episode into your earbuds as soon as possible. Scroll down and click the play button to listen, or download this episode to your favorite podcast player. There’s also a full transcript below. The people and stuff we mentioned on the show: The Copywriter Think Tank Jordan's website Melanie Duncan Deep Work by Cal Newport The Social Dilemma Strengths Finder Kira’s website Rob’s website The Copywriter Club Facebook Group The Copywriter Underground Full Transcript: Transcript is underway...

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