TCC Podcast #212: Doing Things Right with Liz Painter


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Do you ever listen to what our podcast guests share and think, that’s not the kind of business I am building? Today’s guest for the 212th episode of The Copywriter Club Podcast is Liz Painter. She has built a very “normal” copywriting business—one that probably looks a lot like your business. And there’s still a lot here that we can all learn from. Here’s what we asked her about: • her path from journalist to email strategist and copywriter • how copywriting and journalism are different and how to write better • Liz’s writing process and formulas—and how it’s different from others we’ve seen • the #1 thing she tries to accomplish in the email she writes • 3 different formulas for writing email sequences • how Liz finds her clients and what she does to get referrals from clients • what her business looks like today and how it all works day to day • how Liz has networked herself into several agency relationships • how she changes boundaries and processes when working with agencies • her LinkedIn strategy and how it immediately to a new client and more connections • the “comment first” strategy for finding connections • going all in on one social media platform and not stretching yourself too thin • Liz’s sales process—step by step—and how she makes sure to get a “yes” • what Liz does differently from other clients—she definitely listens more • the #1 lesson she learned from working with Copyhacker’s agency • what Liz struggles with in her business—why it took so long to find success • what she would do differently if she had to start over • a list of books she recommends for personal improvement • what she’s doing to save the bees with every project she works with This is a great interview with a copywriter who is doing a lot of things right. To hear it, click the button below. Or scroll down to read the transcript. Better still, subscribe with your favorite podcast app and never miss a show! The people and stuff we mentioned on the show: Joanna Wiebe Amy Posner Better Proposals Philip Pullman novel Shinesty The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson Essentialism by Greg McKeon Personality Isn’t Permanent by Benjamin Hardy Life in Half a Second by Matthew Michalewicz The One Thing by Gary Keller The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks Liz's website & Instagram Kira’s website Rob’s website The Copywriter Club Facebook Group The Copywriter Underground Full Transcript: Rob: You ever listen to the guests that we talk with on the podcast and think, "Their business is nothing like mine. What they're doing is so different from other copywriters and I'm not really sure that I can learn anything from they're saying."? Well, our guest for the 212th episode of The Copywriter Club Podcast is Liz Painter. She has a business like most copywriters and yet there are plenty of things that she's doing that we can all learn from. Whether it's her approach to LinkedIn, how she's worked with agency clients, or her sales process, Liz is doing a lot of stuff very successfully. She stopped by to share all of the details in this excellent interview. Kira: We'll share our discussion with Liz in a moment. But first this episode is brought to you by The Copywriter Think Tank, our private mastermind group for copywriters and marketers who want to challenge each other, create new revenue streams in their business, receive one on two coaching from the two of us, and ultimately grow to 200K or more. The think tank is now open for a few select new members. If you're interested you can visit to learn more about this mastermind. Rob: So let's get to our interview with Liz Painter. Kira: Liz, before we hit record we were just remembering our time with you in San Diego way back in March when we got to stroll down the street leisurely with you and hang out with you in person and it just seems so long ago now.

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