TCC Podcast #217: Dramatic Demonstration of Proof with Jude Charles


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When it comes to creating the belief that you can deliver what your clients need, or that the products and services you write about will deliver a real transformation, nothing works better than a good demonstration. Our guest for episode 217 of The Copywriter Club Podcast is film maker and story teller, Jude Charles, who loves to talk about his formula for demonstrating proof. We covered a lot of ground in this interview, including… • how Jude became a brand strategist and story teller • why he wrote 11 “books" about his future life and whether he got it right • using 10 year blocks to figure out where he is going • the teacher who gave him a set of business cards and kicked off his career • how he struggled to earn a few thousand dollars and the moment he almost gave up • the difference between perspective and vision (and getting the right lens) • figuring out the marketing and sales process to land better clients • what copywriters should do to help clients understand what they can deliver • what we all wanted to be when we “grew up” • why sales and marketing doesn’t end when a client hires you • what Jude covers in his roadmapping sessions—the stories he’s looking for • how Jude uncovers the hidden stories his clients should be telling • the differences between telling stories in copy and video • coaching clients to understand that what they share is actually interesting • why strategy is such an important part of what copywriters do • why a film maker came to our event TCCIRL, then wore a cape the following year • what it takes to raise your prices from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars • the confidence folder—and how Jude uses it to boost his performance • the moments in his life that led to big leaps in mindset and success As usual, this episode is definitely worth a listen. Scroll down to find the play button… and a little farther to find a full transcript of the interview. But what you really should do is subscribe on your favorite podcast player so you never miss an episode. The people and stuff we mentioned on the show: Stefan Georgi Ramit Sethi Ben Settle The Promo Jude Made for Us TCCIRL Kira’s website Rob’s website The Copywriter Club Facebook Group The Copywriter Underground Full Transcript: Kira: David Ogilvy once wrote that visual demonstrations are effective because they help visualize your promise. They save time since you don't have to talk about what your product does, you can simply show it, and they are also memorable. But too many copywriters miss the chance to demonstrate the impact of their products and services, or their client's products. Our guest for the 217th episode of The Copywriter Club Podcast is Jude Charles. Jude is a brand strategist, storyteller, and filmmaker who's passionate about the power of demonstrations and visual proof. Rob: But before we dive into the demonstrations and proof, this episode is brought to you by The Copywriter Underground. That's the membership community designed to help you create a more successful copywriting business. As a member, you have access to more than 60 hours of insightful training, group coaching calls, copy teardowns and reviews, weekly creative exercises, and our exclusive print newsletter mailed directly to your home. Go to to learn more. Kira: This is actually our second interview with Jude, the first one was lost when we had a technical glitch. So, we're thankful that Jude came back at all to answer our questions all over again. And with that, let's jump in. All right, so, Jude, let's start with your story. How did you end up as a brand strategist, storyteller, and filmmaker? Jude Charles: So, I have always been interested in storytelling. From a very young age, eight years old, I wasn't the kid that would be outside playing basketball or football, even inside the house,

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