TCC Podcast #222: Building a Successful Business From Scratch with Brandi Mowles


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What does it take to build a successful business from scratch? We're talking about going from nothing to 6 or even 7 figures as a freelancer. Well as you know, it's not one simple thing, but a combination of a lot of things from choosing a niche and building your network to encouraging referrals and building multiple streams of income. Our guest for the 222nd episode of The Copywriter Club Podcast is Brandi Mowles. We talk to her about her step-by-step approach for creating a successful business that can work for you. In this episode we discuss: • why doing "what she's supposed to do" didn't work out for her • why Brandi went to law school with zero intention of working as a lawyer afterwards • why she chose to lean into network marketing and what that has to do with the "glass ceiling" • how she took a leap of faith and went all in with her online businesses • whether or not there is a grace period for niching down - her take on it • her journey from VA to Social Media Ads Manager to Coach and Business Strategist • what she did to stand out and market her services for free • the biggest personal lesson Brandi learned in direct sales and how it changed her perspective on work, family and her identity • what Brandi calls the GIF effect and why it’s so important to your business • why you should only choose ONE thing to change every launch • dealing with trolls • why the first 24 hours after the first contact is so important for delighting your clients and how Brandi does just that • creating your own referral program and getting leads from your best clients • building a win-win ecosystem with other freelancers • why she wants you to have 2-3 revenue streams and how she's done that for herself This episode is filled with tips you won’t want to miss. Scroll down and hit the play button, or scroll a little farther to read a full transcript. Or download the episode to your podcast player. Better still, subscribe and never miss an episode. The people and stuff we mentioned on the show: The Copywriter Accelerator Bonjoro Brandi’s website Beta to Biggie Accelerator Kira’s website Rob’s website The Copywriter Club Facebook Group The Copywriter Underground Full Transcript: Transcript is underway...

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