TCC PODCAST #224: Warming Up Your Cold Pitch with Bree Weber


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Today’s guest for the 224th episode of The Copywriter Club podcast is Bree Weber. Bree has a somewhat different approach to cold pitching than some past guests we’ve had on the podcast. One that takes a lot more time, but also seems to get better results. We ask her not only to divulge all of the secrets to her process, but she also shares a pitch she used to land a big client. One we think will make you want to pause this episode and take note. Scroll down to have a listen. A few other things we discussed were… • how she became a copywriter through a process she calls business roulette • what pet photography, video game streamer and Super Meat Boy all have in common • what is ethical cold pitching and Bree’s process for making it effective • how Bree created credibility and authority in her pitches when she had “no portfolio, no fancy names to drop or real stats…” • how she reinvented herself after losing all of her retainer clients in 2020 • Bree’s fears and anxieties she’s worked through when it comes to sales • what she’s done to turn cold pitching on its head; taking it from stigmatized to impossible to ignore • why Bree is getting responses from prospective clients within minutes instead of days or never • how Bree creates space in her schedule for thinking intentionally about her business • what to avoid in your call to action, so you don’t turn prospective clients off • what advice she would give to herself 3 years ago to fast track her business growth • breaking down how she uses video to follow up with clients instead of just another email • tips for bypassing years of experience many need to work with major brands and dream clients • why Bree stays open in all aspects of her business • what persuasion techniques have worked for Bree in her pitches • how to make clients say “thank you” for your pitch instead of just deleting it • why Bree says to get comfortable with “trying on an identity” • what has surprised Bree most about her time in the Copywriter Think Tank • Kira and Rob’s advice on taking “imperfect action” and surrounding yourself with action takers The people and stuff we mentioned on the show: The Copywriter Think Tank Laura Lopuch Chris Collins Belinda Weaver Bree's Masterclass offer for our listeners Kira’s website Rob’s website The Copywriter Club Facebook Group The Copywriter Underground Full Transcript: Transcript is underway...

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