TCC Podcast #232: Making Magic with Marcus McNeill


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On the 232nd episode of The Copywriter Club podcast, we’ve got Marcus McNeill. Marcus is the co-founder and CEO of Magic based in Boulder, Colorado. He works with purpose-driven companies who seek global impact and change around both the country and world. He’s helped leaders such as Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra spread their missions and messages across the globe. You may want to grab a notepad right away because this episode is full of insights you won’t want to miss. In this episode, we discussed: • How a conscious-based life can radically shift perspective. • Why learning from Deepak Chopra became the greatest catalyst to vulnerability and openness. • The secret to going from monkey mind to observing thoughts with confidence • How an agency helped in decriminalizing magic mushrooms. - and the key marketing components needed to make such an impact. • How to create multiple avatars for one campaign and nail their personal values to make an impact. • The ingredients behind asking people to change their buyer behavior and trust a new brand. Is it possible? • Where copywriters are getting their customer avatars wrong and why they should spend more time in the research. • How copywriters have the power to truly make an impact and difference around the world. • What you need to know before starting an agency and what should come first. • The reality of growing a business - why it’s okay to take a step back, so you can take two steps forward. • 3 ways you can gain clients and close sales like it’s nothin’. • How to maximize customer experience and become a partner with your client. • The client comes first, right? Think again, when your team is connected and nurtured, great work follows. • The truth about combining business and wellness. Can the two coexist? • Why small impact matters and how it can be the first magic step. This episode might leave you thinking about impact and copywriting in a whole new light. To hear it, click the play button below, or scroll down for a full transcript. And of course, you should subscribe with your favorite podcast app to ensure you never miss an episode. The people and stuff we mentioned on the show: Our Event for Copywriters Marianne Williamson The E-myth Revisited by Michael Gerber Jonny Stellar Magic Kira’s website Rob’s website The Copywriter Club Facebook Group The Copywriter Underground Full Transcript: Rob: If you're a longtime fan of this podcast, or I guess any other podcast, you've probably had the experience of listening to a guest share their story and what they learned, and then had to reach for a pen and paper to capture the ideas that they're sharing, so that they don't get lost, or so that you don't forget them. Maybe you've even had to pull off the road as you were driving, or tell your kids to be quiet so that you don't miss something that you could use in your business. That's exactly how we felt more than a handful of times in this interview. Our guest for the 232nd episode of the Copywriter Club Podcast is Marcus McNeill, the founder of Magic. And as we spoke to Marcus, we found ourselves taking more notes than usual, trying to capture the wisdom that he shared about building his business. Fair warning, you might want to grab a pen and a notebook, or pull off to the side of the road, as you listen to this episode. Kira: Before we share our interview with Marcus, this is the last week for a while that this podcast is brought to you by TCC, Not in Real Life, our event for copywriters and other smart marketers. And the reason for that? Well, it's just about the last week you can get a ticket for our event, which happens April 7th through the 9th. If you want to learn firsthand from experts like Joanna Wiebe, Todd Brown, Jereshia Hawk, Joel Klettke, Eman Ishmael, and so many more. You need to get your ticket today. To do that, visit

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