TCC Podcast #235: Finding the Real You with Jill Wise


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For the 235th episode of The Copywriter Club Podcast, we’re joined by Jill Wise. Jill is a brand and marketing strategist, conversion copywriter, and business coach. As much as she’s dedicated to her craft and her clients, she’s also driven to create an authentic online presence. Pushing through the noise and the “rules'' of what she’s supposed to do online, she’s been able to showcase who she truly is and attract clients who align with her same brand values. Don’t miss this episode all about being more YOU in a crowded space while serving your clients at the maximum level. In this episode, we dive deep into: • Going from a side-hustle to full-on copywriter. • How to break the rules the RIGHT way and feel great about it. • Creating a safe space for clients and allowing open communication right from the discovery call. • The step-by-step process of a white-glove experience and making sure your clients are supported every step of the way. • Why an automated system can be a great addition to your business and enhance your workflow and respect your boundaries. • 3 tips to enhance productivity and getting your ideal schedule defined. • How to shift mindset from freelancer to business owner and what it will do for your business. • The question: Should you give your client a to do list? • The truth about showing up online and finding your true voice • The secret to building discipline—no, it’s not a trait you're born with • The ins and out of solving problems and finding real solutions for clients • When something doesn’t work… how to reframe, reevaluate, and get back out there • Why you should add other skills to your repertoire • How to properly evaluate competitors—mimic or do better? • When you get the advice to “dumb yourself down…” run! Whether you’re a new freelance copywriter or an established business owner, you’ll gain new insights and ideas on how to project your own business forward. Click the play button below to listen, or scroll down for a full transcript. The people and stuff we mentioned on the show: The Copywriter Think Tank Jill’s website Kira’s website Rob’s website The Copywriter Club Facebook Group The Copywriter Underground Full Transcript: Kira: Does this ring a bell for you? You see what everyone else in the copywriting world is doing. You hear what clients expect and you even get advice from a coach that you need to act just like everyone else to get the thing you want. The game's got rules and if you don't play by them, you'll stay on the bench. That's what Jill Wise, Think Tank mastermind member and our guest for the 235th episode of the Copywriter Club Podcast was told. Play nice, dumb things down, don't rock the boat, or you won't attract the clients you want. But something was off and recently, Jill decided to ignore that advice and be more true to who she is. And in this interview, she revealed her new brand transformation with us. Rob: Before we share what Jill told us, this podcast episode is brought to you by the Copywriter Think Tank. That's our private mastermind for copywriters and other marketers who want to challenge each other, create new revenue streams in their business, receive one on two coaching from the two of us, and ultimately grow to six figures or more. If you've been looking for a dynamic mastermind to help you grow as a copywriter and as a business owner, visit to set up a short information session or email us at with questions. Kira: The Copywriter Think Tank will help you figure out a lot of the same stuff we cover in this interview with Jill; things like client boundaries, creating better processes and figuring out what your brand stands for. Now, let's jump into our conversation with Jill Wise. Jill: I graduated university and my husband is a few years older than me, we were dating at the time and he moved to Montreal and I did the thing,

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