TCC Podcast #255: Become a Better Course Creator with Jennifer Duann Fultz


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Jennifer Duann Fultz disrupts the status quo on the 255th episode of The Copywriter Club podcast. Jennifer is the founder and CEO of Chief Executive Auntie, a business aimed to teach WOC business owners how to make more money online through course creation. Interested in creating a better course experience for your students? Tune into the episode to find out how. It breaks down like this: The importance of promoting alternative and diverse voices. Money mindset and how it can affect your life (and business). The stories that are deeply rooted in us from the way we grow up. Why you don’t need to attract every single person into your course. (It’s okay to repel people.) How using your background can propel your business forward. The better way to create a course and guide students to an outcome. How to be the guide your students need and understand where they are coming from. Why you need to prime your students before they reach the next level. Customer research and the effect it has on your course creation. Increasing course completion rates and being selective on who joins your program. Building a lead magnet that will actually help your ideal prospects. Figuring out your strengths and not being tempted to try and do everything. The reality of passive income. (Is it even a thing?) Shifting from employee mindset to CEO mindset and knowing when it’s okay to step away. Being multi-passionate and creating structure to get things done. When it’s time to hire help in your business in order to avoid burnout. Become a better course creator by listening to the episode or checking out the transcript below. The people and stuff we mentioned on the show: Kira’s website Rob’s website The Copywriter Club Facebook Group The Copywriter Underground Christy’s website Jennifer’s website Full Transcript: Rob: A lot of copywriters buy courses, or write for course creators, or have created their own courses as part of their work. And lately, there seems to be a sense that courses may not be as easy to create and sell as they once were. Some course creators have been criticized for low completion rates. We've heard numbers as low as 4% of people buying courses that actually finish the course. Or they're criticized for signing up students who shouldn't be in a course in the first place. Our guest for the 255th episode of The Copywriter Club Podcast is Jennifer Duann Fultz. And she knows a thing or two about creating and selling courses because that's what she does in her business. So I asked her about these challenges and a lot more. But first, let me introduce my co-host for today, Christy Cegelski. Christy is a copywriter who specializes in copy that connects, captivates, and converts. She is a Think Tank member and host of her own podcast, The Captivate and Convert Podcast. I was lucky enough to be featured with Kira as a guest on that podcast. I think if I'm remembering right, it was Episode 29 right in there somewhere. Christy: Somewhere around there, yeah. Rob: Yeah, I think I'm like, one of two male guests that you've had in the runs of our site. I feel kind of lucky to be included amongst so many brilliant women. Christy: Yeah. Rob: But, yeah. Welcome, Christy. Thanks for joining. Christy: Well, thanks for having me. This is exciting. I've never been a co-host. Rob: Well, and now you are. So yeah, I mean, we can maybe make this permanent if it turns out well. Christy: Check. Rob: This is your audition. Christy: Check. Rob: I like it. If you want to know more about Christy, you can see her at Of course, subscribe to her podcast, The Captivate and Convert Podcast. She was actually a guest on our own podcast, Episode number 226. About what? That was probably five, six months ago now. Christy: Yeah. Rob: A really good interview about what you've done in your business and how your businesses has...

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