TCC Podcast #256: Solving Big Marketing Problems with John Mulry


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John Mulry (yes, you saw that right) joins us for the 256th episode of The Copywriter Club podcast. John is a direct marketing expert who was trained by Dan Kennedy. He’s the creator of Email Academy Pro and Expert Authority Formula. Currently, John’s the Director of Marketing for Todd Brown Marketing*. If you want to be seen as an expert in your field, this is the episode for you. Here’s how it goes down: The process of writing a book at supersonic speed. Bringing direct response marketing to different countries. Going from fitness expert to marketing master. How helping people can look different for everyone. Bridging the gap to help business owners connect on a deeper level with their audience. The key to being seen as the expert. How unplanned events and experiences can change your life immensely. Should every copywriter write a book? Finding joy in finding your first clients. The acquisition of new skills and how to accelerate your business. Do you need to be great at sales to be great at marketing? What it’s like being the Director of Marketing for Todd Brown. How to acquire new customers in a crowded market. Best practices for building a 3 part acquisition funnel. How to engineer your offer to get repeated stripe notifications. What is AOV and why it’s important for your funnel. The real job of copywriters. (Hint: it isn’t to write words.) Want to uplevel your marketing skills? Listen to the episode or read the transcript below. *Since recording John has transitioned into taking over as COO of Todd Browns Sister Company E5 Agency The people and stuff we mentioned on the show: Kira’s website Rob’s website The Copywriter Club Facebook Group The Copywriter Underground E5 Nation Facebook Group Full Transcript: Rob: One of the things we love about being copywriters is that we're not just hired to make our client's words sound good, we're hired to solve problems. But here's the thing, clients don't always understand that that's what they're asking us to do. They come to us with projects and ask things like, "Can you write my website or can you help with a case study or a sales page?" What they're really asking for is help solving a bigger problem, help me sound professional or help me prove that I can do what I say I can do, or help me sell more products and make more money. The more we sell ourselves as experts in solving complex marketing problems, the more we're able to work with great clients and earn more money. Today's guest for The Copywriter Club Podcast is John Mulry. John is the Director of Marketing for MFA, that's Todd Brown's company, and he is focused on solving very complex marketing problems for Todd and for Todd's clients. And what he's shared in this interview may give you some ideas on how to do that for your own clients and in your own business. But before we get to our interview with John, good news, Kira is back. Hey, Kira. Kira: Hi. Hey, Rob. Good to be back. Rob: Yes. How have you been? It's been a while. Kira: I've enjoyed the podcast interviews while I was away where every intro, I feel like you were like, "And Kira's still on maternity leave." I feel like towards the end it sounded like maybe there was a little bit more frustration in that over the last few episodes, but I'm back. Rob: I don't think I was frustrated. If it sounded that way, I'm sorry then. Kira: Maybe it was just to me. But yeah, I'm happy to be back on the podcast. I've had a fun time listening to other copywriters speak on the podcast and add their commentary and their thoughts. I think it's strengthened the podcast. So I feel like you don't really need me here. I'm just going to leave right now. I don't think you need me here at all. Rob: We definitely had more than one person offer to take your place in the future should you decide to make maternity leave permanent? So who knows? Kira: Tell me who they are,

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