TCC Podcast #262: Filling Your Lead Pipeline with Jacob Suckow


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On the 262nd episode of The Copywriter Club podcast, we’re joined by Jacob Suckow. Jacob is a Funnel and Launch Strategist who helps his clients sell their products on autopilot. From filling up your lead pipeline to creating products and services that sell, this episode is filled with useful advice you can implement into your business. Here’s what we talk about: How Jacob went from working with the Seattle Seahawks to working in cookie dough sales. The method Jacob used to grow cookie dough sales from 25k to 4 million in a matter of a few years. How a pivot landed him working with companies like McDonald's and Disney. The moment he realized he needed to be his own boss. Creating a pipeline to keep clients rolling in. Why building your network is your greatest funnel resource. Switching roles from freelancer to strategist. What’s the difference? How Jacob reverse-engineered how to make 100k a year without working 80 hours a week. Why letting go of clients will benefit your business and help it grow. The kind of clients that make for high-income months. Is there a mindset trick behind making six figures? How to fill your pipeline with ‘ready to go’ clients. What 15-minute connections can do for you and your business. The steps to building a solid network. Why you should build an audience even if you have nothing to sell. The key to being loud in your industry. How to create offers that people want to buy. What’s the method to the madness? Where do offers go wrong and how can they be fixed? The upside to being able to create your own offers. Tune into the episode by hitting the play button below or check out the transcript. The people and stuff we mentioned on the show: Kira’s website Rob’s website The Copywriter Club Facebook Group The Copywriter Underground Jacob’s website Kickass Copywriting by Jacob Carlton Skip the Line by James Altucher Full Transcript: Kira: When you're still learning the ins and outs of your business, the last thing you want to worry about is where your next lead is coming from. We'd prefer a lengthy line, kind of like the line outside the Apple store when Apple released the new iPhone 13. That's the kind of line we want, filled with dream clients just waiting to work with you. Our guests for the 262nd episode of The Copywriter Club Podcast gives us the lowdown on lead generation so we can create a demand for our copywriting services and hopefully never stress over finding clients again. Our guest, Think Tank member Jacob Suckow, is a copywriter and launch strategist who skyrocketed his business within months by creating a full pipeline of leads. But before we jump in, I'd like to introduce my co-host for today's episode, TCCIRL speaker, "two-peat" speaker at TCCIRL and then a podcast guest from way back, Episode 13, long time ago, conversion copywriter, funnel optimizer and growth ecosystem designer, Sam Woods. Thanks for being here, Sam. Sam: Thanks for having me, Kira. It's good to be speaking with you. Kira: Yeah, I'm excited to co-host this with you. Before we jump in, though, can you just share a quick update of what you've been up to over the last few months in your business? Sam: Yeah. It's a mixed bag of things. Over the past year or so, taking a step back and only worked on a handful of more in-depth projects. I think either you're a copywriter and you do a lot of smaller projects or you do a few big projects or maybe you have a mix. But for me, it's been only a few handful of deeper projects with various companies. It's still with copywriting, still optimizing different ways that they're acquiring customers and been working on some barge campaigns. So it's been nice. It's been a nice break from the smaller type projects, nice to set those aside and deep dive into a few things. I think I prefer the mix. It's nice to go back and forth. Kira: Yeah.

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