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The online journey of Eggy is nearly unrivaled, with arcs that include societal commentary, spitting bars, appearing in documentaries and being a person of interest to the FBI. After one of the longest, strangest trips any online persona has taken, Eggy is at a crossroads – and we’re here to figure out what his next move is (after the Final Fantasy and Dr. Pepper).

The problem here is the constant process of spending days upon days building something just to have it ripped away, and Eggy’s not sure how many more times he can do that. It’s not even clear why he was banned, but the prospect of working through a site like Patreon doesn’t seem to appeal. After 5 years of full-time YouTube, maybe it’s even time for a real job.

We’re in a technologically-dependent world, and Eggy gives a little human connection to those who need it most. The donations were nice, but the audience desperately tried to pay him to break sobriety – and that’s the sort of thing that makes the allure of YouTube life fade.

The solution? Self-betterment, because YouTube or not, the shell, white, and yolk are all going to be there. LSMS Fitness is Eggy’s new venture, and everyone is on board with his fitness journey except his gym’s janitor. Darksydephil, King Cobra, there are a lot of people to keep Eggy busy in the meantime… but is the next Eggy arc a cooking show? Nutrition is actually Eggy’s real background interest, and he’s developed his skills over the last decade. Whatever’s next, we’re here for it.

Thanks to Eggy for coming back and spending a couple hours with us, and thanks to everyone who joined in on the live show. And a special thanks to the Patrons who make this show happen each and every week. You really are the best.

Next week we’ll be live in the Discord with HappyConsoleGamer, followed by Jared Bauer (formerly of Wisecrack), BarelySociable, Coffeezilla, and Out of Frame’s Sean Malone. If you miss ANY of those live recordings, your mom won’t love you anymore. Why would you even want to risk that?

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