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Successful people give a lot of terrible advice. They don’t mean to, but they do. It’s extremely difficult to analyze yourself and your own path, so it’s natural for a successful person to see patterns that aren’t there and to cherrypick important moments… and then try to apply that advice to you.

As Kevin details, sometimes it’s even worse than that, and they give flat-out awful advice. The takeaway? Be wary, and Matt has a working thesis that everyone is full of shit all the time.

But there’s another big topic we’ve wanted to talk about for years, and that’s how easy it is to set yourself on a depressing path that just isn’t good for you. Kevin was actually a serious musician for years, but the sort of music he was into wasn’t healthy. He details the reasons why so many musicians in grunge and metal didn’t make it out of the 1990’s, and it’s not dissimilar to some of the struggles YouTubers and artists are dealing with right now. At a certain point, the artistic path that defines you can actually be bad for you – and Matt suggests that the best way out can involve other people.

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