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The man who used to make excellent educational videos you could watch as you drank a cup of coffee in the morning has evolved into a stone-cold assassin of all things fraudulent – and Coffeezilla’s massive investigative video on Safemoon might be his most important work yet.

It didn’t take him much time to realize that Safemoon’s model just… didn’t make sense. But after 11 months of interviews and research, he’s put out a banger that lays bare the personalities and problems around that particular crypto coin. And it’s an extremely difficult business to analyze since regulators are literally years behind. What’s legal? What’s breaking the law? What *is* the law?

Influencers have hopped on to several crypto projects, and they don’t seem to care much about the potential rug pulls. It *seems* obvious that this is dangerous territory for people considering buying into these coins, but Coffee explains that people are in a rough spot. They need solutions, they need options, and crypto gives them hope.

There’ll be more on Safemoon in coming days – so we wanted to dive deep into Coffee’s incredible transition from Break to Zilla. It happened by accident, but when he went full force, the result was a unique digital studio and an efficient model that made his old channel largely obsolete. He’s customized every element of the Zilla to make his audience and himself happy, and it’s working.

Patrons, many of whom have been waiting months for Coffee’s return, ask about how he’s so good at drawing new info out of people like Mr. Beast, the future of digital sets, and the influence of crypto. We were thrilled to see CoffeeZilla hit 1 million subs the other day, and now he’s got a video on the trending tab – it was just an incredible time to hang out with everyone in the Discord and one of the most creative people we’ve ever encountered in YouTube.

Thanks to everyone who showed up for the live show *and* who played Minecraft after (!), and a special thanks to the Patrons who make this show happen each and every week. You really are the best.

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