Sean Malone on Why People Suck at Economics


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There’s no one better at explaining economics in an interesting, non-obnoxious way than Sean Malone and his Out of Frame channel. It’s such an important subject, but very few people are truly interested – and only a portion of those want to learn as opposed to just spreading their own beliefs. In terms of creating compelling YouTube videos, it’s a challenge.

And occasionally it goes wrong – like with Sean’s Arcane video. It turns out those commenters were more interested in critiquing what he didn’t talk about, and that’s a common problem with video essays. Why does it feel like we’re slowly turning off a faucet of decency in online discourse?

Kevin’s spent some time re-thinking the conclusion of his video about robots and automation, and even though pretty much everything is getting better all the time, it’s something we generally don’t appreciate. Why?! And if it’s all improving, how come Netflix seems to have stagnated?

Sean’s got thoughts about the state of the video essay, and he thinks it’s just a bit less popular now than in the past. Maybe that’s due to the rise of Shorts, TikToks, and quick, less-nuanced content. And maybe we’re all just getting tired of thinking.

We could talk about movies and comics all day with Sean – he’s shockingly knowledgeable. But Kevin wanted to seize on the grand debate over who Superman should be. Is he a strong, moral character like in the Donner films? Or is it important that he’s darker and feels some of the more insidious emotions? It’s worth noting that Superman is committed to doing good in the world when it just doesn’t benefit him very often.

Patrons jump in to ask about the art of persuasion with difficult topics, YouTube’s old mantra of “Broadcast Yourself,” the unique appeal of HGTV, whether streaming is becoming cable, and whether Sean would re-make any of his old videos.

This discussion ranged from building houses to why TV sucks, and it’s a fascinating look at a mind that has spent years refining the process of generating compelling content – and we’re already planning topics for the next time we talk to Sean.

Thanks to everyone who came out for the live show on Discord, and a special thanks to the Patrons who make this show happen each and every week – including Venture Addicts. Welcome to the orphanage!

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