Three Packaging Trends for Product Based Businesses


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Let’s talk about three three packaging trends for product-based businesses.

Most retail products will need some form of packaging. Retail packaging tells the customer about the product, the company that made it and most importantly - protects the product!

Packaging can cover everything from boxes to fit the product in, swing tags, hangers, tissue paper, stickers, leaflets and postal packaging.

All of these elements are a way to tell your customers more about your business and brand story.

Your packaging can make your products stand out on a shelf or add that extra element of delight when a customer opens their parcel when they have bought online. So it’s always worth considering what your packaging is whether you sell in a brick and mortar shop, wholesale or online.

So today I’m going to discuss three packaging trends to inspire you, consider in your product development process and also factor into your marketing strategy.

As always I have curated a visually inspiring Pinterest board featuring these three packaging trends for you to browse.

Let me know which trend appeals to you the most over on Instagram @arnoldandbird.

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