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Welcome to The Crew Room. A podcast where I speak to my friends about their amazing aviation careers.
This week is the last episode for season 1 of The Crew Room. To end this season, my special guest is Deborah Lawrie. Deborah began her flying journey as a 16 year old at Moorabbin Airport when her father bought her 2 flying lessons. From that moment, she was hooked.
While Deborah is widely know in aviation circles as the female pilot that took on Ansett Australia in a discrimination case that lasted almost a year, because according to then owner and founder Reginald Ansett "women do not belong in the cockpit".
But there is so much more to Deborah's aviation career, and it was truly an honour to chat with her about everything else that made up her stellar 40 year commercial pilot career.
More recently, she received and Order of Australia for her contribution to aviation, and was also inducted into The Australian Aviation Hall of Fame, both accolades that she very much deserves.
If you want to read about more of her story, and other wonderful Australian female aviators, you can purchase the book "Australian Women Pilots. Amazing true stories of women in the air" by Kathy Mexted (I purchased my copy from Amazon).
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