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TommyD is an award-winning multi-platinum selling music producer, songwriter, artist, DJ, and creator of 808 Whisky. He is the founder of TokenTraxx is a British tech company that uses Web3 tools to innovate how we all engage with music.

Why you should listen

TokenTraxx is built by musicians for the music community, providing a whole new way to create, curate and collect music. Token||Traxx provides a powerful opportunity for Creators to engage on every level with fans using NFT technology, whilst creating a whole new income stream.

Those who have a good ear for music can become Curators and can earn from their ability to spot untapped potential by building brilliant playlists.

And as you would expect from a music NFT market place; Collectors can search tracks, artists, and genres to build their NFT libraries which they can showcase to the community or trade on the open market.

The TRAXX token sale is scheduled for the 14th March 2022. It will also provide holders with benefits and be used as an incentive for a platform use rewards program.

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