The Cyborg Tells Of A Robot Love Story


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Ryan teases about the new studio, and like a kid on Christmas, he gets into a speel about Dogecoin. Travis and Ryan decide that they should make their own crypto. If buying other people's is so much fun, having one will be that much funner. After failing to convince his family, Ryan tries to shame Travis into buying Doge. If they are going to be successful investors, they must step up their watch game. Ryan suggests Wooden Element from right here in Peoria. Ryan talks about his week of watching accountability videos at work. Ryan shares WD40's four-point accountability plan. Travis offers up a hot stock tip on the heels of White Claw's announcement of White Claw Surge. We are entering Hot Vax Summer, ya'll. Ryan reminisces on the golden age of radio when the Disk Jockeys were actually cool. Music just inst the same without Myspace. Please help Travis find Robot Love Story, or Selena Gomez... He is in love with both.

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