Grimdark Primer With BODFather Troy and Sigmar FAQ Discussion – Episode 67


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Yep, we’re gonna be talkin’ 40K/Heresy books & audio today with our returning guest BOD Father Troy….but don’t run off Sigmar fans! Brendan still gives us his thoughts on the lastest Sigmar FAQ, and there is plenty of discussion of other Sigmar topics in Whispers. That being said, our Grimdark Primer should still have something that will create a bit of interest for most of you, so dive in and give it a try. By the way, stick around for the post-Show Close outtake…sure to make you smile!

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3:04 Whispers From The Warp

38:24 The Emperor Lies

38:24 Grimdark Primer Part I

1:07:57 Grimdark Primer Part II

1:43:01 Scriptorium

1:50:26 This or That

2:00:37 Show Close Show Email: Twitter: Dan @stormcallerdan & Brendan @hobby_bear

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