Morathi Brings Friends & A Mortal Realms (Cursed City) Preview – Episode 68


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We are excited to have a full length battletome to deep dive…it has been a while! We walk you through the Daughters of Khaine 2021 Battletome, and there is plenty here to talk about. This review will be of value to both experienced and newly minted Daughters players, as we comment on all of the updates and give our opinions about what this book has delivered to the tabletop. We also spend some time in Whispers going over the GDub Mortal Realms Preview from February 20…with a separate section focused on Cursed City! A long episode for sure, but plenty worth listening to!

As always, thanks for stopping by…we truly appreciate your support!

2:09 Whispers From The Warp

22:02 Mortal Realms Preview

41:30 The Emperor Lies

41:30 Daughter of Khaine Part I

1:33:54 Daughters of Khaine Part II

2:34:40 Scriptorium

2:38:00 This or That

2:47:11 Show Close Show Email: Twitter: Dan @stormcallerdan & Brendan @hobby_bear

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