Special Episode with Chris Roberts on TAU CyberWeek


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Chris Roberts

vCISO, Researcher, Hacker, Consultant, Devil’s Advocate, etc.

Chris Roberts joined me for a LinkedIn live special episode to talk about his talk at Tel Aviv University Cyber week from October 19th to October 21st, 2020 – Get your free pass using code CyberHubfree now at https://cwonline-tau.com

We discuss Chris talk about Analog humans in a digital world and so much more, there is never a boring moment with Chris

Chris Bio:

Hacker, InfoSec, Safety, CyberStuff Researcher, Advisor, @Hacknotcrime henchman, and various other names on the technical side of the worldvCISO, Executive, consultant, leadership, and other words that have been leveled against me describing some of the other work undertaken over the years.I’ve been fortunate to be elbow deep in technology for more years than I care to remember, and these days am involved in both tactical and strategic discussions with clients across the spectrum of industries talking maturity, risk, and how to effect change.Oh, and I just got called a Scottish Security Warlock....I’m kinda digging it.

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