The Russo-US summit ended in frank exchanges and the prospect of further discussions on cybersecurity. Ferocious Kitten tracked. Initial access brokers. Molerats return. Ransomware arrests.


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The US-Russian summit took up cyber conflict, cyber privateering, and cyber deterrence, ending with the prospect of further discussions. Ferocious Kitten’s domestic surveillance. Ransomware gangs are using a lot of initial access brokers. The Molerats are back. Troubleshooting a wave of intermittent Internet interruptions. NSA offers advice on securing business communication tools. Ukrainian police arrest six alleged Clop gangsters. Andrea Little Limbago from Interos on bringing the private sector back into the defense equation. Our guest is Charles Herring of WitFoo, with the case for cybersecurity as an extension of law enforcement. Nine alleged ransomware hoods collared in Seoul.

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