Maximizing Your Influence In Your Daughter's Life (Interview with Phil Cooke)


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I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to have Phil Cooke—founder and CEO of Cooke Media Group---on The Dad Whisperer Podcast today! Phil has been called “one of the most innovative communicators of our generation” and after hearing his heart and his wisdom as an influencer and dialed-in dad to two adult daughters, you’ll see why he’s described this way.

Phil has produced media programming in more than 60 countries, and produced many of the most influential Christian TV programs in history with a client list that includes Walt Disney and Dreamworks as well as Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, The Museum of the Bible, the YouVersion Bible App, and The Salvation Army. His newest book “Maximize Your Influence: How to Make Digital Media Work for Your Church, Your Ministry, and You” is the ultimate reference guide for pastors and leaders in today’s digital age, and our conversation today focuses on that theme with the title, “Maximizing Your Influence in Your Daughter’s Life.”

To connect with Phil and learn more about him, you can go to his website at

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