How the Supreme Court Will Look If Trump's Nomination for Justice Gets Confirmed


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All signs seem to point to the fact that President Trump will be able nominate and get confirmed by the Senate, his third Supreme Court justice all in his first term. This would push the Court to be the most conservative it has been since 1950. And depending on the outcome of the election, could set up future fights between the branches of government. Michael Bailey, professor at Georgetown University, joins us for the Court’s ideological shift.

Next, essential workers in the U.S. are reporting high levels of burnout. Because of the pandemic, essential workers are having to deal with increased workloads, understaffing, and stress from fear of getting sick and enforcing safety protocols. Michael Sainato, reporter at The Guardian, joins us for how 58% of U.S. workers are burned out.

Finally, music festivals and the live events industry are trying to create their own ‘bubbles’ to get people out again. One strategy that is being explored is two-stage Covid testing. Get a test a few days before the event, and then another quick test before you can get in. While there are some limitations, this could be a model to get live events going again. Michelle Lhooq, independent counter culture journalist at Bloomberg News, joins us for more. You can also catch more of Michelle’s counter culture reporting at

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