Jeffrey Epstein Associate, Ghislaine Maxwell, Arrested


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Ghislaine Maxwell, the longtime associate and accused madam for Jeffrey Epstein, has been arrested on charges that she recruited and groomed underage girls for abuse by Epstein. The charges say that Maxwell would try to befriend the young girls and normalize the abuse by discussing sexual topics and prompting them to give Epstein massages. Devlin Barrett, national security reporter at the Washington Post, joins us for more.

Next, the 4th of July will not be the same this year as various states are closing down beaches, bars and restaurants, and shutting down fireworks displays in response to rising COVID-19 cases. Officials are targeting places that younger people tend to congregate as the rise in cases are affecting more people in their 20s and 30s. Rachel Adams-Heard, reporter at Bloomberg News, joins us for how more young Americans are getting the coronavirus.

Finally, the country is facing three simultaneous disasters. The pandemic, the economic fallout from that, and civil unrest in response to police brutality. Many people are responding the only way they know how, with anger. Elizabeth Chang, wellness editor at the Washington Post, joins us with tips to get out of the “anger incubator” we are living in.

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