Los Angeles Sherriff Deputies Cling to Life After Ambush in Compton


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Two L.A. County Sheriff’s Deputies cling to life in critical condition after being ambushed while in their SUV at a Compton metro stop. To which Sheriff Alex Villanueva called out Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James to pitch in monetarily to the reward for the assailant. KFIAM640 Los Angeles report Steve Gregory will bring us up to date.

Then, the Maine super-spreader wedding has now been linked to more than 170 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 7 deaths. And get this, most diagnosed weren’t even at the wedding and those numbers may not be the final tally either. We’ll get a sense of both the medical community response and larger general civic reaction from NBC breaker news reporter Minyvonne Burke.

And finally, as a companion story, nurses across the country have been dying from COVID-19 due to their profession’s inherent dangers. We’ll discuss the strain this has put on hospitals and the protections put in place to guard hospital staff at all levels with Christina Jewett, senior correspondent for Kaiser Health News.

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