Military has confirmed it sought information on using a ‘heat ray' against D.C. protesters


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The military has confirmed it sought information on using a ‘heat ray' against D.C. protesters. If that weren’t enough, there were other military grade weapons being considered through startling investigative reporting by Dina Temple-Raston, Investigations correspondent for NPR who will walk us through the inquiries and the subsequent implications.

Then, if you want to get away, Hawaii may be the place to do it. Hawaii is to begin allowing travelers who test negative for COVID to bypass quarantine starting Oct. 15. David Oliver, social media editor for the Travel section at USAToday will tell us how we’ll need to pack.

And finally, if you’re in California or Oregon you might have noticed the orange to almost red hue of the sky. The phenomenon is connected to the ongoing brush fires, but not necessarily in the way you may think. Sara Kiley Watson, editorial assistant for Popular Science will paint a clearer picture for us.

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