New Bob Woodward Book Says Trump Played Down the Coronavirus


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There has been a lot of fallout from the new Bob Woodward book on President Trump. Trump has gone into damage control over quotes and audio clips where he said that he intentionally downplayed the coronavirus so he would not cause panic. The president continues to claim he has done a good job and is trying to shift blame to Woodward. Orion Rummler, reporter at Axios joins us for more.

Next, remember all those seeds that were being sent to Americans from China? The USDA came out and said not to plant them and instead contact your local agricultural departments. Well we are finding out that hundreds of people did plant those seeds and some people even ate them! Jason Koebler, editor in chief of Motherboard at Vice, joins us joins us for what he found out about all those unsolicited seeds.

Finally, during the pandemic, online gaming traffic rose about 30% and with that, attempts to hack into players’ accounts and steal their digital goods also rose. It’s a game of volume for the hackers, but all together they can make millions in selling your stolen goods. Julie Jargon, family and tech columnist at the WSJ, joins us for how to protect yourself from online gaming fraud.

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