President Trump to Make Supreme Court Nomination by End of Week


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President Trump’s next move in the Supreme Court fight will come at the end of the week as he seeks to nominate someone to take over for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Republicans have said that they will take up the nomination even though the actual vote may take place in the lame duck session after the election. Fadel Allassan, reporter at Axios, joins us for the political fight to replace the Notorious RBG.

Next, the Justice Department has released a list of cities deemed “anarchist jurisdictions” that are marked for review and threatened with withholding federal grant money. New York City, Portland, and Seattle are all on the list for voting to cut police funding, not prosecuting protesters, and rejection of federal intervention. Allan Smith, political reporter at NBC News, joins us for more.

Finally, a big thank you to my colleague Mo’Kelly for filling in for me while on vacation. He did a wonderful job and we have one more story from him. Have you noticed that your trash has expanded along with your waistline with all that ordering in you have been doing during the pandemic? Tom Sietsema, food critic at The Washington Post, joins us with tips on minimizing your trash pileup from takeout containers.

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