Trumps Defends Himslf From Attacks Coming From His Close Orbit


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President Trump has a faced a lot of bad news recently from a barrage of negative books, but while he often complains about the deep state trying to undermine him, most of the attacks are coming from people who were in his close orbit. Ginger Gibson, deputy Washington digital editor at NBC News, joins us for this, and new polls showing that most voters don’t see Trump or Biden as mentally fit to lead.

Next, the pandemic has disrupted nearly every aspect of life and it will also be reshaping the holiday shopping season. The sales and promotions will be coming earlier than ever and everyone will be shopping online which could lead to a delay in getting your packages. Jennifer Kingson, managing business editor at Axios, joins us for how it’s all changing and why you should start shopping as early as you can.

Finally, a COVID-19 vaccine supply chain is starting to take shape. Once a vaccine is approved, it will be a huge undertaking to transport the millions of doses to their destinations. Everything from temperature controlled containers to securing flights for doses to be delivered will all have to be figured out. Ed Silverman, Pharmalot columnist and senior writer at STAT News, joins us for more.

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